Salixenergi Europa AB

At SEE – SalixEnergi Europa AB – we have been working with energy willow since 1986. Our professional expertise ranges over a wide spectrum, from early planting trials to advanced technological developments in planting, harvesting, and handling.

Stable, sustainable plant breeding for over 25 years has produced new willow varieties that provide superior yields. SalixEnergi Europa AB and the plant breeder division of the national Swedish farmers association Lantmännen SW Seed are working together to continuously improve cultivation supplies and cultivation technology. Lantmännen SW Seed has been working with plant breeding for 130 years and commercial willow breeding since 1987.

SEE is a privately owned incorporated company with its head office located in southern Sweden. SEE is the representative, both directly and via licensed producers, for the superior willow varieties bred by Lantmännen SW Seed for the European market.

Through entrepreneur networks and transport logistics networks, SEE has the capability to manage the harvesting and sales of the willow chips and the delivery of the chips to power stations.